ASUS VG275Q 27” Full HD 1080p

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ASUS VG275Q 27” Full HD 1080p
ASUS VG275Q 27” Full HD 1080p
ASUS VG275Q 27” Full HD 1080p
ASUS VG275Q 27” Full HD 1080p
ASUS VG275Q 27” Full HD 1080p
ASUS VG275Q 27” Full HD 1080p
ASUS VG275Q 27” Full HD 1080p
ASUS VG275Q 27” Full HD 1080p
ASUS VG275Q 27” Full HD 1080p
ASUS VG275Q 27” Full HD 1080p
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GameFast Input Technology – because milliseconds count

Input lag is the time delay between pressing a button on your controller or keyboard and seeing its effects onscreen. High input lag will cause a slower connection giving you trouble keeping up with the fast-paced action.

Input lag on an LCD monitor is typically much lower than a TV, and ASUS VG275Q features GameFast Input Technology to further minimise input lag. This technology provides much faster motion delivery so you'll always be up to speed with in-game action at the precise timing you need to respond as quickly as is needed.

Lightning-fast 1ms response time

ASUS VG275Q boasts a 1ms response time so all your fast-paced gaming action will be rendered smoothly without smearing, ghosting and motion blur. You'll be able to react and respond quickly to what you see onscreen — a definite advantage in the gaming arena.

Flexible connectivity: dual HDMI plus one DisplayPort

ASUS VG275Q features two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort to give you more flexibility, allowing you to connect your game console, PC, and any other HDMI device at the same time. There's no need to frequently plug and change your connection.

Super smooth visuals with AMD FreeSync

ASUS VG275Q features AMD FreeSync technology to eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates to give you seamless visuals and smooth gameplay. This gives you the upper hand in first person shooters, racing, real-time strategy and sports titles.

ASUS-exclusive GamePlus technology

ASUS VG275Q features the ASUS-exclusive GamePlus hotkey to give you in-game enhancements that help you get more out of your game.

ASUS-exclusive GameVisual technology

ASUS GameVisual Technology has six pre-set display modes to optimise visuals for different types of content. This unique feature can be easily accessed through a hotkey or the On Screen Display (OSD) settings menu.

Flicker-Free technology

Flicker-Free technology reduces flicker to give you a comfortable gaming experience. This minimises instances of eyestrain and other potentially damaging eye ailments when you're embroiled in long, drawn-out gaming sessions.

Ultra-Low Blue Light technology

ASUS Ultra-Low Blue Light technology reduces the amount of blue light. You can access and select four different filter settings onscreen easily through the OSD menu or DisplayWidget UI to find the best one that suits the task at hand.

Ergonomically designed and wall-mountable

ASUS VG275Q is specially designed for long marathon gaming sessions. Its ergonomically-designed stand lets you adjust the tilt, swivel, pivot, and height of the monitor so you always find your ideal viewing position. It can also be VESA wall-mounted to fit in any limited space.

Popular Features

27 Inch Screen size
1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
Ports - HDMI DisplayPort VGA
16:9 Aspect Ratio
Refresh Rates - 75 Hz
1 MS Response Time
Wall Mounting (Vesa) - 100 x 100 mm
Warranty - 3 year warranty

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