Hey! Play! 8-Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling Set

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Hey! Play! 8-Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling Set
Hey! Play! 8-Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling Set
Hey! Play! 8-Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling Set
Hey! Play! 8-Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling Set
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2020-08-15 05:13

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Hey! Play! 8-Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling Set
The Hey! Play! 8 Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling Set, Beautifully Crafted Out Of New Zealand Pine And Hand-Painted, Makes The Perfect Outdoor Or Indoor Game Best Played On Short Grass, Sand Or Carpeted Areas, This 10-Pin Set With 2 Wooden Balls Is Fun For Bowlers Of All Ages And Skills. With A Mesh Bag, You Can Easily Take The Game From House To Yard To Beach And More.

Includes: 10 - 8 inch tall wooden bowling pins 2 - 2.5 inch diameter wooden balls with finger holes 1 - 11.5 inch easy-close mesh bag
Materials: New Zealand Pine

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