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250 Voucher Bids
250 Voucher Bids
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9.00 EURO


This auction ended

2020-04-09 09:20

  • Value Price: 95.00€
  • Bids Credit: - 31.50€
  • 90 Real / 0 Voucher
  • Auction Price: - 9.00€
  • Winner Savings: 54.50€
Saved 57.3%

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250 Voucher Bids

Voucher Bids mean more prizes

Are you working hard against a limited budget for trips to the Bid Store? Then maximize your efforts by winning auctions for Bid Vouchers. A single, well-placed bid can yield 250 Voucher Bids, which means you can win more auctions for great prizes!

What do I get if I win?

250 Voucher Bids will be credited to your account automatically. They last for nine months, so put them to good use!

What are Voucher Bids?

Voucher Bids are bids that are won at auction or acquired via Games, Badges, or other promotions.

How are they different from Real Bids?

Unlike the Real Bids you purchase at the Bid Store, Voucher Bids are not eligible for a refund, and nor may you use them toward an item’s Buy Now price. Voucher Bids also carry an expiration date (they’re valid for nine months in this case), which you can monitor by checking your Bid Credit History.

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